Immersive location-based storytelling

The future of cultural exploration

Leitmotif offers a framework for creating interactive storytelling apps, based on augmented and hybrid reality. By exploring their surroundings with a smartphone, users discover meaningful information about a place. Carefully crafted content is presented through unique features like x-rays, time windows, soundscapes, and much more.

Augmented walks

A story based on hybrid reality where the user is guided on the location to unlock the secrets of the places visited. Best experienced on-site but can also be done remotely.

Augmented reality

A "traditional" augmented reality experience by tracking items in the real environment using your smartphone's camera and overlaying digital information. These can only be experience on site.

Point and click

Timeline, territory atlas, block diagram, infographics, etc. In this type of playful navigation experience, content is visually organized in layers to allow for a deeper or multifaceted understanding of a topic.

An experience accessible for everyone


We offer a playful experience with an intuitive UX/UI that delivers expert content without overwhelming users.


We create tailored contents with a strong storytelling approach for a memorable experience.


With hybrid reality, our stories can be used both on-site and off-site, allowing for virtual visits or simply extending the experience to before and after the visit.


Our solution takes full advantage of the possibilities offered by Smartphones : intuitive interaction techniques and support for geolocation, gyro sensors, QR codes…

A multi-skilled team

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